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Promoción Planificación Diseño Desarrollo Comarcal Territorial MarinaAlta
Promoción Planificación Diseño Desarrollo Comarcal Territorial MarinaAlta

Regional Promotion and Development

This area carries out those activities which, although conceived as a unit, are subsequently spread throughout the Marina Alta according to the needs or interests of each municipality. The coordination and management of the actions is carried out by the General Services, although when acting in each municipality, we work in direct collaboration with the Agencies where the activities are actually implemented. These are experimental actions which, due to their innovation or specificity, are susceptible to being developed with a broader territorial vision than just the local one. At the same time, they make it possible to obtain results that could not be obtained from a local vision and whose implementation would be more complex and less efficient due to costs and resources.


  • Search for calls that are appropriate to the project. Study of the suitability of the calls for each specific project.
  • Advice on identifying the appropriate national/European programme for each project. Providing ideas or examples of previous projects.
  • Processing, coordination and monitoring of grants and projects financed (jointly) with national, regional and European funds.
  • Technical assistance prior to the submission of an application for national/European funding, definition of a pilot project to focus on the appropriate search for calls.
  • Technical assistance in the development of the project until its presentation.
  • Search for application forms. Advice on necessary drafting and documentation for the presentation of the project proposal and follow-up.
  • Establishing the actors/partners of the project: creation of cooperation networks. Coordination with partners and actors involved.
  • Assistance during the implementation of the project once the funding has been approved and granted.
  • Implementation of regional projects.
ADL's / Related Agencies:
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Promoción Planificación Diseño Desarrollo Comarcal Territorial MarinaAlta

This Agency is actively involved in the following projects:

Promoción Planificación Diseño Desarrollo Comarcal Territorial MarinaAlta

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